Been a while, but I am back to start a whole new journey. This time it’s less about discovering something new than understanding better what I already know. (Although some might say the latter is often the path to wisdom.)

Recently I made this post on Facebook:

“I need your help, friends of mine. I am thinking of writing up my “Map of Convictions” or MoC, if you will – a chart of the foundations of my personal paradigm. (Perhaps it would be cool if by the time one graduated high school one had thought and indeed enumerated them.)

For me stuff like, pragmatism, reason, where I think values come from, my stance of free will and where moral duty originates from, and so on.

One would imagine that by reading someone’s MoC one would find where they stood on all the big questions in life.

So what sort of things should I remember to include in my MoC? What “deep” questions should I have my answers for? Like, where does Benn stand on the whole X thing?

Please give me LOTS of ideas, I want this to a pretty complete inventory of my fundamental principles.


So that’s my current journey, and what I will be writing about: what do I think, and why exactly do I think it? It will hopefully become a mapping of my paradigm, including my convictions, primaries, deductions, working understandings, and so on. My goal is that in reading this, others can clearly see and understand exactly why I embrace the thoughts that I do.

Along the way, if you have questions or thoughts on what I write, or want me to address something that I haven’t yet, you can either write me at or simply leave a comment under either the blog posts or the Facebook ones. Your input, and especially questions, fuel my journey!

So, let’s begin building this great (or not-so-great, grin) Map. Here we go!