Or to be more accurate, what is driving this thing?  Now that I have started a new journey to more clearly hear the calling of my heart, to better discern the spirituality that has always been calling me, I am trying to squint and make out its brush strokes, its outline.  A belief system is primarily embodied through its core precepts and principles.  What are mine?

I suspect that this will be an ongoing conversation, an investigation that lasts the full length of this second journey.  It seems likely to me that if and when the time comes when I can answer that question with confidence and completeness, I will have attained my current goal of knowing, understanding, and being able to well describe my spirituality.  This is my current journey.

But this post isn’t that – we’re nowhere near any kind of final formulation.  This is the opposite end of this journey.  This is the time for wondering aloud, for musing, for throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

As such, please don’t expect this first part to be well developed, well ordered, or thought through.  This is the chaotic messy part from which comes order.  It’s like cleaning up a room – things have to get more messy before we can get things all back together.

So let me begin with some “stream of consciousness” initial thoughts – a starting point for me to add or remove ideas, try on different thoughts for size, and generally explore.  Again, the goal ultimately will be to sort out and discover the core precepts of the spirituality which calls to me.  Much of what I bring forth may wind up being part of my belief system, but not everything I consider will wind up being kept as a core precept or principle if it ultimately turn out to be a consequence of a deeper and/or higher piece.

Since this preamble post is already not short, let me end here for now.  I will plan for my next post (perhaps later today) to be the first brain dump of thoughts as to what could possibly be core to my spirituality.