Long time, no see, how’s everyone doing?

I’ve been absent – obviously.  And while I could delve into the myriad of life annoyances and unpleasant surprises, let’s skip right over all of that to simply say that there were two connected salient reasons for my absence: the previous line of thought had (for the moment) run it’s course, and a new one hadn’t yet arisen.

But now it has.

Seems that one of the questions I asked; “Can the Covenant foundation be a belief system all by itself without needing to add anything further” may be perhaps answered “no” in that I took that idea as far as it made sense to take it, and yet it did not become in and of itself a fully realized path of spirituality.

Which is not to say that the Covenant is any less critical or mandatory.  Maybe, from a certain perspective, it functions like the myth of Jesus – many belief systems can partake of it, but what makes each spirituality unique is what they do with it and beyond it.

And that’s where I am now.  I embrace the Covenant deep in my bones.  But that alone does not make for me a path to follow.  So where do I go from here?

Well, I can’t really say I have that all figured out yet, but I do have some glimmerings, some  thoughts pulling on my spirit.  You see, I’ve been trying to figure out what to call myself when people ask me what I believe.  I am an atheist, but that is as descriptive as if I had said that I am an a-santa-clausist.  All “atheist” says is what I don’t believe – it doesn’t say why I am an atheist, nor does it say what I do believe in and embrace.

The label “atheist” also hides the fact that I am a very spiritual and passionate person, even if I don’t partake of the supernatural.  I am an atheist, sure, but using that as the best label of my spirituality is entirely missing every point.  It’s like one person asking “What do you believe in?” and the second person replying “Not Buddha!” – it just really fails to answer the question.

So then, what am I?  What’s the best way to acknowledge and celebrate my true spirituality?  What is my true spirituality to begin with?

I think this is my new journey now.  I went on (and wrote about) my first journey discovering and detailing the Covenant,  a base foundation for all rational people of any belief.  Now I begin work on what comes next for me personally.

So here we go.  As before, expect me to stumble, to fall, to get back up, to head down blind alleys before reversing course and picking up the path again.  This is a spiritual maze, but I can hear the call, and I am very excited to be beginning the journey again anew.

Thanks for coming with me.